A Story of Desire

After an experience of more than two decades in the leather industry, making goods for clientele from all over. The thought that always stuck to us was, we need to make something absolute quality for our domestic customers that can highlight what we do best and encourage the craftsmanship that goes into making the goods.

Unlike the mass-produced goods that only compete in the western world on the basis of prices instead of the true worth of the craftsmanship. We always knew it was not fair, as there are too many factors that go into making a quality product. Most importantly they have to withstand the test of time.

Only this time we were serious and this very thought laid the foundation of NY Hide. The journey which begins from NY in 1991 as our first client base lead to NY Hide today. We owe it to the experience that the people have given us over the years and formed our understanding of what we know best today.

The challenge was we did not want to make it into a mass-produced line to goods, so with NY Hide we had to redefine all of our thought processes to focus on making small batches of quality products with exclusive designs by involving our ancestral karigars (craftsmen).

We want to embrace and appreciate the true craftsmanship.

Our Quality

We at NY Hide take great pride in our quality, from the threads to the cloth, to leather everything is focused upon in great depths. We go to lengths to ensure that the product we make it up to the standards and the customer enjoy the value of the goods as it is intended. We source only the best materials from across the world, test each and every product, its features and details before placing it in the hands of our customers.

Customer Experience

Right from the beginning of the thought to make it into a product, we think about the various needs and easy of using the goods for the customer.

We at NY Hide are committed to providing the best experience possible.

If there is a concern, we will fix it, for us the success rate is measured by your satisfaction.

Our Values

At NY Hide we want to be socially responsible, whether it’s the sourcing of our materials, work conditions, or equal pay rate, we strive to be socially responsible.

As far as possible we go for natural materials, our packaging is all made from recycled materials.


Handcrafted in Genuine Leather