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At NY Hide, we believe in conceptualizing your thought process with hands. The essence of handmade things is very personal and the way leather matures is something to be experienced.

Our love for leather and handmade stuff comes from a place of sincerity where-in we keep creating new stuff with ever-improving techniques and materials.


The inspiration for our designs and choice of leather comes from everywhere- the places we visit, the streets we live in, the culture we experience, the people we meet all of it put together to make a part of the designs we handcraft. The designs are hybrids that reflect today’s lifestyles without being rooted in any particular time or era.

If you admire craftsmanship, design, and the finer things, then NY Hide goods are for you. Each product carries our unmistakable hallmarks of style, functionality, and durability all of which stand the test of time so you can enjoy them year after year.


Handcrafted in Genuine Leather

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